Types of Gamblers You Will Find in a Casino

Types of Gamblers You Will Find in a Casino

If you ever get a chance to visit a casino and explore the games and entertainment it has to offer, you must know about the people you will be playing with. The gamblers are not all the same and have different traits that you can learn about to understand their gaming style and strategies better. While some gamblers focus on winning as much money as they can, others may not even be interested in money at all. Here are the types of gamblers you will find inside every casino.

Casual social gamblers

These gamblers do not have any intention to compete in any game as a professional. They are smart and successful people who see the casino as a place to hang out with friends and meet strangers. You can find them enjoying their time, not caring much about winning money, but socializing more with people around them.


Serious social gamblers

These gamblers enjoy their time at the casino, but they also care about winning their money. They learn the rules and strategies for the games and stay a little more attentive than casual social gamblers. Despite all this, they have complete control over their money and return to their normal lives the following day.

Escape gamblers

Escape gamblers enjoy playing the games as an escape from the issues that bother them. In most cases, they are also involved in other drugs and alcohol addictions. Gambling and winning help escape gamblers feel more superior and forget about their problems for some time. However, gambling is not a compulsion for them, and they will stop playing once they recover from their depression.

Conventional gamblers

These gamblers are actually the tourists who visit casinos to experience the life inside the casinos. These tourists are usually seen playing at slot machines as it is the easiest game to play inside a casino and does not require the players to learn about any rules. Conventional gamblers are more likely to lose all their gaming money but still be happy as they have gained the casino experience.

Personality gamblers

You need to be careful around the gamblers who look fishy and try to steal people for their money. Their goal, in most cases, is to win money by any means necessary. They can cheat, trick, steal, and blame other people if they see an opportunity to make money.

compulsive gamblers

Compulsive gamblers

The gamblers who do not control their gaming habits and money early can later end up developing a compulsion to gamble. It can be due to the urge to gamble money or pressure of winning back the lost money that compulsive gamblers cannot stop playing. They end up collecting huge debts, massive losses in the games, and a hard to recover lifestyle.

Professional gamblers

Professional gamblers are the sharks that eat the beginners and whales, such as big businessmen. They have the best strategies, discipline, and control over their games. Pros can be seen mostly around the table games like poker as it offers them maximum chances to influence the game.

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